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Support Us

Samanvai has a strong vision and mission to change the world and create a better future for people with disabilities by providing support services, equal opportunities and inclusive status in society. We have high ambitions to help people with disabilities, but we do need support from donors and well wishers to fulfill our dreams. To provide support services to more children and create a difference, we need financial and voluntary resources. Samanvai requests for financial support from donors so that we can fulfill our goals. We greatly appreciate monetary and or material support from interested donors. Donors can contribute to Samanvai in various ways:
  • Contribute funds to Samanvai’s general financial funds or towards donate funds for a specific program. For detailed information on all our activities, please visit our Services section.
  • Sponsor one or more students on a monthly or annual basis.
  • Establish a scholarship fund with a preferred name. All student sponsorships and scholarships will be used to support students in education. Many of our students need financial help to pay for their school/college fees, living/boarding, and fees for educational tools.
  • Contribute materials or equipment towards any particular program. Donors wishing to donate materials or equipment should contact us in advance to know about our needs. Common requirements include hardware technology, software, intervention toys for the rehabilitation center, stationery and office supplies, and braille paper.
Donors can make donations in the form of cash, checks and or through direct deposit. People wishing to directly deposit funds into our account should contact us for account details. All checks can be made payable to Samanvai Society. We would really appreciate it if donors fill out a donation PDF form or donation word form and attach it with the donation, but this is not mandatory. We will use the information given to send our acknowledgment and a letter of appreciation for the act of generosity. We will not use your information for any commercial purposes or to solicit additional donations. We may, however, occasionally contact past donors to update them about the progress that has been made. Please review our commitment to your privacy in our Privacy Policy section. Also please visit our Contact Us section for our mailing address and directions to our office.

Besides financial support, we are always in need of volunteers who can help in various ways by:
  • Teaching school/college subjects to students in the evenings
  • Recording educational material in multiple languages for different classes
  • Scripting exams
  • Helping with scanning books in Braille
  • Providing assistance during special events and field trips
Listed above are only some examples of how you can help us, but we have many more opportunities for volunteers who are interested in contributing to Samanvai. Please visit our Volunteer Opportunities page to know more about how volunteers can contribute to our efforts.

Thank you so much for your help with and interest in Samanvai!