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Our Services

Samanvai offers various free services for students with multiple disabilities. These include accessible education, financial aid, employment, sports and independent living. Please follow all the links below to learn more about all our projects. We strive to provide support for differently abled students to achieve good academic standing, and be exposed to accessible technologies and independent living, along with increasing social status in the society.

Computer Training Center for Visually Challenged

The computer training center is a project started by Samanvai to provide computer education to visually challenged students, mainly after tenth grade.

Rehabilitation Services

We have ten areas of concentration in our rehabilitation program.

Tutorial services for school and college students

In our tutorials program, we aim to arrange tutoring sessions for students who have problems understanding difficult concepts, diagrammatic and visual concepts, mathematical and Braille concepts in their respective schools and colleges. We arrange tutoring sessions on one on one basis if necessary. Explore our services and the type of subjects we cover in this section.

Digital library

Samanvai strongly wants to provide equal opportunities in education irrespective of student’s disability. In the Digital Library program, we provide audio and electronic text study materials and tactile diagrams for students. Material is recorded on cassettes, DVDs and on flash recorders by our volunteers. Students can request audio books for free from our office. Please explore this section for more details regarding type of books we provide and how to obtain materials.

Braille library

Samanvai’s vision is that no student should suffer in receiving accessible and unconditional education on the basis of disability or financial limitations. The mission of this Braille library is to generate and distribute Braille materials to blind schools and blind students studying in sighted schools or colleges. Please explore this section for more information about the type of material we have and what you can request. You can get all of the details regarding the Braille library, how to request books, and our contact information here.

Samanvai financial services

Samanvai wants students to get a good education irrespective of their financial status, so we provide financial assistance to students who require it. We have number of scholarships based on merit and need. We analyze student financial needs and help accordingly. Please explore this section to know more about our services, the type of scholarships available for students and methods of requesting financial help.

Employment search program for differently abled people

In this section you can learn about our employment search program in which we match differently abled people with employers and provide a variety of services to assist both parties in transitioning to the job.

Mobility training

One of our major goals is to help students with disabilities live independently. We provide mobility training to students who can’t walk on their own because of their disability or lack of confidence. Using canes and new technology, we teach students how to increase their mobility. We also teach students to avoid accidents while walking on roads alone using adaptive methods. This section contains more details about the training and how to apply.

Mentoring and counseling services

Samanvai believes that mentoring increases the possibilities of success. Samanvai strongly wants to provide mentors for every student. Mentors are the best resource for knowledge about education and employment. This program provides formal and informal interactions between students and volunteer mentors. We arrange information sessions regarding college applications and offer advice for choosing fields of study and employers. Please explore the program to know more about our services and how to apply.

Extracurricular activities

Samanvai believes in holistic development and recognizes that extracurricular activities are very important for success. We encourage students who are interested in sports, music and in other activities. There are many opportunities for students to become involved in extracurricular activities. Please refer this section for more details on the type of activities Samanvai provides and how to get involved.