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Visually challenged people can use this RBI circular PDF form or this RBI circular word form from Reserve Bank of India, which points out that visually challenged customers must not be discriminated against by banks in regards to providing banking services. People can utilize the circular if they face any problems when trying to open a bank account or obtain an ATM card, checkbook or other service.

Very useful resource with accessible computer games for visually challenged people!

We at Samanvai believe that there should be no barriers to entertainment. Entertainment is a natural right given to all human beings in spite of one's disability, race, color or gender. At Samanvai, we try to support and encourage our students to take part in extracurricular activities and both manual and computer games.

We understand the frustration faced by visually challenged people, who often cannot access the same forms of entertainment as sighted people. Many worried parents tell us about their disabled child who is not able to share in the same entertainment as his or her sighted friends, who are able to play computer games and much more. We do not want disabled people and their parents to suffer any more. Fortunately, there are many resources available that help integrate visually challenged people into mainstream society in terms of education, employment and extracurricular activities.

One fantastic resource is Spoonbill Software, one of the best accessible Internet game websites, which has free games and links to other game sites. Spoonbill Software is produced by Ian Humphreys, a happily retired computer programmer based in Australia who writes games as a hobby, not for profit. We highly encourage everyone to take a look at this website and request any games for free. Spoonbill games have been tested by some of our students who gave them great reviews. Our students love playing BG chess challenge, one of many games on the Spoonbill Software website.

For those without Internet access, Samanvai has game files in the office. We are happy to help set up the games for those students without Internet access. Students may also check out games to play on our computers in the Computer Center.

The link to the Spoonbill Software website is:
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