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Samanvai Privacy Policy

Samanvai takes each client’s privacy very seriously and will take all measures to protect it. We respect each client’s confidentiality, privacy and copyright laws. However, we may use or disclose your personal information if required by the law,to protect our property or our visitors, or for the general safety of the public.


We usually do not collect personal information or IP history without the consent of the client. However we do request the client to provide us with personal information for communication purposes. We will not disclose or sell personal information to any other NPOs (non-profit organizations) or third party entities. We mainly collect details from our volunteers, donors and students. Students’ personal information including their disability information is not revealed even to other students. We strictly follow all disability related laws. Information is only used to assess and provide proper guidance to students on a case-by-case basis. Information collected from donors is only for our records. We will not use personal information from clients to solicit donations. We protect credit card information with high security measures.

We do not like to spam clients’ inboxes or fill their phones with missed calls. However, we do send out emails and call our supporters when there is an event or new program. We take all measures to see that there is no offensive, racial or anti-religious content in the emails we send out. We take utmost care to avoid the usage of abusive language and images on our website and in our emails. We ask for consent before we put any client information or photos in our database or on the website. We use information from our volunteers only for communication and information purposes. All donations are received with complete willingness from our supporters. We welcome people to write in our news section. However, people are not required to disclose their names if they do not wish to. We have every right to monitor what people are writing. We reserve every right to remove the post from our website if the post offends any person or people or appears disrespectful towards society at large.

Use of website and web content

We assure all users of our website that we will not collect their information or track their IP activity without their knowledge.The user remains completely anonymous while using our site. We update our site regularly so that our supporters can follow Samanvai’s progress. Any personal information collected by Samanvai during the user’s interaction with this website during donations or volunteer enrollment is for the sole use of Samanvai and shall not be shared with any external entities. Samanvai is not responsible for the privacy practices or content of related, external sites. All content on this site, including graphics, text, icons, interfaces, audio clips, logos, images and software is copyrighted and is the property of Samanvai and/or its content suppliers. However, users can download, print or email any content on our website for educational and noncommercial purposes. The user should be aware that other websites to which the user links from Samanvai may contain privacy provisions that differ from ours, so we caution students and the general public to read carefully before downloading or saving materials. We are not responsible for mishaps due to activity on external sites. We take utmost care to ensure that there are no viruses in the links we provide on our website. However, Samanvai is not responsible if an unexpected problem or virus attacks the user’s computer. Samanvai reserves every right to modify, remove or disable the functionality of any links on the website without our site viewers’ consent. Permission is given to use the resources of this site only for the purposes of educational awareness, making enquiries and supporting Samanvai.

People who want to use the web content for the welfare of disabled populations or to inspire society with educational research papers should quote, cite and paraphrase properly; otherwise, we consider this practice as plagiarism and breach of copyright law. We have every right to take necessary action once we see such infringement. Any other use, including the reproduction, modification, distribution, transmission, republication, display or performance, of the content on this site can only be made with the express permission of Samanvai. All trademarks, brands and copyrights other than those belonging to Samanvai belong to their respective owners and are their property. Samanvai however does not make any express or implied warranty with respect to the security measures that it may employ from time to time for the protection of personal information. We try to update our site, particularly this section, regularly to respect laws and sensitive opinions of people with disabilities. Thus, we strongly advise our site viewers to read our policies from time to time to receive the best service from us. Comments and questions should be directed to Please refer to the contact us section for more information about how to reach us and find directions to the Samanvai office.