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Samanvai news

We, Samanvai associates, are committed not only to developing educational, employment and independent living standards for disabled students but also to creating awareness among the disabled community. The current needs are to create awareness in the world about the potential opportunities for disabled students, increase the success rate among people with disabilities and promote inclusion.

This section explores the journeys of our students from their childhood and their various achievements. We ask our students to write about their experiences, successes and failures, and we publish their stories with their consent. This section also includes our innovations and announcements about our services and activities. We welcome our donors and well-wishers to write what they are thinking about Samanvai’s services to the world of disabled students. Your valuable suggestions and comments would really help us improve our services and thus to maximize our support to students. We will take all measures to protect your personal information. Content published on this site is used only for educational purposes and to create awareness. We will not use your information for any promotional purpose unless we have your consent. Please read about our privacy policy to learn more about our policies and how we handle your information.

For easy reading and understanding, we divided this page into multiple categories. They are as follows:


Please tune to this section for our regular announcements. In this section, we post information about our events, guidelines to apply and receive our services, specific deadlines for our programs and paid job opportunities with us. This is the main section for students, volunteers, job seekers and general people who want to keep up with our progress and get involved in our activities. Specific guidelines about how people can apply to our services are explained in this section. We take time management very seriously in order to organize our events regularly to avoid time conflicts and disturb others' schedules. Thus, we strongly request our students to explore deadlines for all our programs and apply for our services accordingly.

Success stories

In present society, most people in schools, colleges and companies do not know how a disabled student can succeed in his or her chosen field in spite of accessible technological developments. Many people think that challenged people cannot even manage daily living skills, cooking, taking care of others, operating computers and using other assistive technologies, so they just show sympathy instead of creating opportunities. We try to motivate people to interact with disabled people to increase social participation and try to show them the innovative techniques that challenged students use to do their daily work. Besides, we help the society to understand about the educational and employment opportunities for disabled people using specific examples and technological tools. We ask students to write about their academic journeys in their schools and colleges. We ask disabled employees to write about the work environment towards challenged people. We try to improve the understanding among people in the corporate world of the need for adaptive technology in companies to accommodate disabled people.

Samanvai in the Media

Samanvai would like to take the help of print and visual media to create awareness among people about all our training programs, which will benefit students with multiple disabilities by removing negative barriers and myths about people with disabilities. We do not try to gain a name out of creating awareness but instied to create ample opportunities for students. In this section, we would like to document news articles on our services, events and student achievements that are published in the media.