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Samanvai’s achievements

We would like to document our achievements in this section, not as a means of marketing, but rather to inspire other people with disabilities and organizations which work in the field of disability. There is currently in India a huge scarcity of support services and appropriate help present for people with multiple disabilities in spite of the many organizations working for this cause. We would like to show how much an organization can do even under financial and resource constraints. Samanvai is a group of dedicated special educators, people from the disabled community, and visionary leaders. This means that we know how to provide need based and goal oriented support services to people with multiple disabilities and have the ability to implement it.

Ever since our inception in January 2011, we have been working very hard, and were able to achieve success in shaping the lives of many disabled students in education, vocational rehabilitation, financial resources, counseling, mentoring, and in extracurricular activities.

We will never compromise our efforts and the quality of our services to create an inclusive India. However, we are currently barely able to scratch the surface. We can do much more with the financial or material support from donors. Please read this section to know more about our achievements. For your convenience, we have divided this portion of the website in to two sections. Please click on the links below to view both Samanvai's and our student's achievements.

Sammanvai's achievements
Achievements of our students