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Our commitment to your accessibility
our website follows World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 level AA. This will enable people with visual impairment and other disabilities to access the website using assistive technologies, such as screen readers. Our website is completely accessible with most screen readers, such as JAWS, NVDA, SAFA, Supernova, Thunder and Window-Eyes. However, users can use screen readers to access our site in English. We are working on making the website accessible in Hindi and Telugu for screen readers as well. Nowsited users can comfortably use our site in Telugu and Hindi along with default English. Please click on the appropriate links on top of the site to view our site in other language. We took all measures to make all headings, links and images accessible. We labeled all content-critical images presented on this website. We used standard accessible web font for readers. All form fields are accessible with screen readers. We used check boxes and edit fields and avoided graphical mouse buttons and popup’s.

Screen reader users can conveniently use letter H on the keyboard to navigate by headings of the page and insert F7 to navigate by links on the page. We conveyed important visualinformation by using alternative text.

Keeping to our vision of solving internet accessibility problems and making our site more accessible, we are glad to provide audio internet facilities to bridge the gap between sighted and otherwise challenged people. We provide this feature with the kind and generous help of Audioeye communications based in the United States. Using audioeye’s patented technology visually challenged and site users can listen to our site using computer and mobile phones.  Android and IPhone can support this feature. Please note Audioeye works better with most recent versions of browsers. Users can follow intro audio instructions once the site is loaded.   Please refer audioeye help below to understand how to navigate through pages. Any user with special needs can access our website anywhere without the use of any screen reader.
Keyboard Navigationshort-cuts
Follow the list of keyboard short cut keys for AudioEye Player:

  • Press Left Arrow – Navigate to the previous menu level
  • Press Right Arrow – Navigate to the selected menuitem
  • Press Down Arrow – Read next menu item
  • Press Up arrow - Read previous menu item
  • Press “C” – Act as toggle key for texthighlighting on or off
  • Press “+” – Increase font size
  • Press “-” -- Decrease font size
  • Press “]”- To increase the volume
  • Press “[”- To decrease the volume
  • Press “m” – To viewassociated media(s)


  • Press Left Arrow – Previous selection
  • Press Right Arrow – Next selection
  • Press “m” – Close media
  • Press “C” – Act as toggle key for closed captioning on or off
  • Press “F” – To view the player in full screen
  • Press “T” – Act as toggle key for open / close tool menu
  • Press “H” – To load main menu
  • Press “P” – Act as toggle key for Activate/ De-activate background play
  • Press “Spacebar” – Act as toggle key for Play / Pause
  • Press “Escape (Esc)” – Exit the full screen
  • Press “Escape (Esc)” again – Exit the AudioEye
  • Press “0” – To load help audio

Users with low vision or other special needs can configure our website   to suit the viewer’s requirements. Users can select particular font color, text size and background color. Please click on the controls on the top of the site to configure the site to meet your needs.

We are always looking for feedback from the users. We would be happy to modify our website according to users’ preferences. We tried to organize the web content in such a way that visually challenged and other disabled users can navigate the site without much difficulty. We keep our commitment towards accessibility and update the site regularly with advanced accessible features to make the website experience beneficial for challenged people and general viewers.

Any questions regarding website accessibility or any issues while browsing the website should be directed to