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About Us

Who are we?

We are a group of dedicated volunteers who want to create equal opportunities and an inclusive society for people with multiple disabilities in Andhra Pradesh.   We are determined to provide support services and to create a difference in the lives of Students with multiple disabilities. Our volunteers are educators, leaders, and innovators; each of whom have vast range of experience in helping students with multiple disabilities. We have been helping students in various ways on a smaller scale for almost a decade using our expertise, knowledge, personal funds, and help from other friends. Our mutual passion for helping students with disabilities led us to build the Samanvai Center for Children with Multiple disabilities in January 2011. Samanvai, a registered society under the 2001 Societies Act, Government of Andhra Pradesh, India. Samanvai Center is located in Hyderabad, India. Please refer to the Contact Us section for address and directions.


The mission of Samanvai is to be a center of excellence by providing services to disabled children providing them with ability to achieve equal respect, status and opportunities for multi-disabled students allowing them to enter mainstream society.


Our primary goal is to assist students with multiple disabilities in order to increase their fix parallelism. We aim to provide equal opportunities for all disabled children. We believe in developing dedicated students into role models.

Our Objectives

blind boy leaving Samanvai
  • To counsel and guide visually-impaired children, as well as children with other disabilities
  • To assist their families to better cope with their problems.
  • To enhance social participation and independent living through special skills training.
  • To promote early intervention through an effective parental training program.
  • To provide pre-school training to place children in an appropriate educational system.
  • To provide children with computer training and exposure to assistive technology.
  • To provide accessible educational materials in audio and electronic formats.
  • To provide equal opportunities in extracurricular activities and sports.
  • To provide financial assistance for students in education.
  • To guide children towards securing gainful employment and thereby enabling them to be productive members of the community.

Target Group

Below are the list of disabilities we currently support, but at the same time are willing to support other disabilities as well.
  • Visual impairment (cortical visual impairment, RoP, optical atrophy)
  • Physical challenges
  • Delayed developmental milestones
  • Premature children
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Autism
  • Mental retardation with vision problem
  • Learning disability
  • Attention deficit disorder
  • Hearing impairment with vision problem
  • Multiple challenges of any type

Our Board Members

Swarnalatha Takkilapati
MS Swarnalatha is a recognized special educator by the rehabilitation council of India (RCI) she has vast experience in teaching, mentoring and caring disabled people over the last ten years. Her loving attitude toward children with multiple disabilities makes her a great asset to the Samanvai board.
Sandhya Reddy
MS Sandhya's vast experience in voluntary activities with various NGOs, her caring attitude towards challenged students, and her networking abilities makes her an active member of Samanvai.
Latha Mani
MS Latha believes in service that gives her the best satisfaction and happiness, so she always extends her willing hands to help others who are in need. Her efforts in helping, mentoring and caring for rural youth and challenged people make her a dedicated member of Samanvai.
Sumithra Charukuri
Dr Sumithra's care and concern for challenged and poor people brought her into the nonprofit sector in spite of her profession as a doctor and managerial skills. She is an active board member at Samanvai with her enthusiasm to change the society and create a better future for differently abled students.
Srikanth Bolla
Mr Srikanth Bolla was born visually challenged in a rural Indian community and had to overcome many challenges and much discrimination to attend his dream school, MIT. These challenges have given Srikanth a vision to improve Indian society for people with disabilities in India through Samanvai.

Our Advisory Board Members

Anuradha Prasad
Ms. Anuradha is the Managing Trustee of Reddy’s foundation based in Hyderabad.  Her generous contribution Was crucial to Samanvai’s initial. “I am surprised by Samanvai member’s efforts from the past 15 months. With right support, Samanvai can reach mass population and can build inclusive society for people with multiple disabilities. I would like to support Samanvai continuously as the member of the advisory board, volunteer and a well-wisher, as they expand their services to more and more people,” she said. Anuradha’s passion towards disabled people and her vast network/experience has helped Samanvai a lot which makes her our noble advisory board member.
Sharmila Mallineni
The world knows that the teacher is the best source of knowledge, guidance and inspiration for a student. Sharmila is one of the best teachers who can improve the lives of challenged students who have multiple disabilities. She believes in tomorrow and never loses her hope in training these students. She is a model of patience and calm attitude.
Kavitha Kavitha Sivadasan
MS Kavitha is a visionary leader with a cheering smile who inspires our team to do more and more to help people with multiple disabilities. She is filled with valuable advises, creative ideas and innovative action plans. With her help we at Samanvai are confident that we can be unique and reach needy people with disabilities.
She remarked “I know the team behind Samanvai from a very long time. I cannot find better team who has capability to change the society for disabled people and create brighter tomorrow. I will always try my level best to support Samanvai and would like to see this organization doing wonders.”
Ramesh Babu Vuppalapati
Mr Ramesh is a great leader, social worker and people’s person. His ever growing passion towards social service, excellent fund raising skills, local and international network, and his vision to help people with disabilities makes him one of our proud advisory board member. “It’s my golden opportunity to be associated with noble fast growing organization and do my best to expand Samanvai’s services to people with disabilities in Andhra pradesh and India.”
BVK Raju
Mr Raju is always behind Samanvai’s efforts financially and intellectually. His never- ending energy to help disabled people makes him our another valuable advisory board member. “I am amazed at Samanvai team and their ideas/actions to transform the lives of disabled people in to differently abled people. I will always be at Samanvai’s service,” he said.
Meena Mutyala
Dr Meena Mutyala is the Vice President of Westinghouse Electric Company. She has actively participated in the community service ever since her college days. Dr Meena has service experience across borders. Currently, she is an active volunteer on the board of Sri Venkateshwara Temple in Pittsburgh, United states. "I am so inspired and impressed by the work being done by Samanvai to change the world for people with disabilities in India. As soon as I learnt about this organization, my innate passion to help disabled people came to fire and decided to involve with Samanvai."
MS Harija is an experienced legal advisor and a generous philanthropist who always wanted to do pro bono legal services. She said, “I am lucky to know about this organization through one of its team members. I would love to contribute samanvai in terms of legal advice and any help.”